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Introducing NodeHive: The Pioneering Eco-Conscious Headless CMS for Future-Forward Organizations

NodeHive is a new SaaS service by NETNODE AG, providing enterprise headless CMS capabilities. NodeHive offers an unprecedented fusion of sustainability and cutting-edge technology for the API-first era.

NodeHive Spaces

Switzerland, 02.10.2023 - NETNODE AG proudly unveils NodeHive, an innovative headless CMS designed for organizations prioritizing both green technologies and open-source platforms. Crafted for content creators, marketing managers, and developers, NodeHive stands as a testament to the future of sustainable tech solutions.

The Power of Green Technology
At its core, NodeHive is dedicated to environmental consciousness. The platform plants trees for every new and active subscription, runs on renewable energy, and promotes eco-friendly and inclusive code/solutions. The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the product, encouraging regenerative business practices across the digital ecosystem.

Innovative Features for a Future-Ready Experience
Designed for the API-first and composable platform era, NodeHive ensures organizations are equipped with feature rich and future-ready tech solutions. The platform boasts an impressive enterprise feature set, including multisite functionality, content planning & workflows, media management, multilingual support, visual editor, and an array of enterprise-only tools.

Open-Source Independence
Rooted in the globally renowned Drupal platform, NodeHive offers customization and flexibility through its open source model. Users experience freedom of use, with options to install on their own infrastructure or use the NodeHive SaaS service. The open source model eliminates vendor lock-in and ensures an independent digital experience.

NodeHive is available as a SaaS application with flexible pricing and subscription options, ensuring a hassle-free backend experience. It is also available as an open-source plugin, allowing seamless integration into any new or existing Drupal solution.

SaaS + Services
Beyond a SaaS application, NodeHive's creators, NETNODE AG, specialize in helping businesses go digital. With a strong focus on Drupal and NextJS, they offer a comprehensive suite of services from strategy, design, development, to maintenance, making NodeHive a one-stop solution for digital transformation.

User-Friendly for Makers and Creators
NodeHive champions ease of use for all makers, whether they are content creators, marketing professionals, or frontend developers. With a fast visual editor, No Code tools, and intuitive features like Spaces, Nodes, Paragraphs, and Menus, users can effortlessly configure custom use cases, even on a smartphone.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation
"NodeHive is more than a headless CMS. It’s a movement towards a greener and more sustainable digital future," says Lukas Fischer, Founder/Product Steward, NETNODE AG. "We are excited to see organizations join us in building digital experiences that are not only innovative but also eco-conscious."

NETNODE AG, based in Switzerland, is a digital agency focused on aiding businesses in their digital journey. Specializing in Drupal and NextJS, they offer a wide spectrum of services, from strategy consulting, UX consulting, development to maintenance, ensuring their clients are well-equipped for the digital age.

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