Why Headless? Why NodeHive?

Your Problem

Your organization struggles to quickly develop advanced digital experiences in a rapidly changing online environment..

Adding new features is slow and expensive

You have to manage content in 3+ systems

You struggle with content creation

Your conversion is low, but you don’t know why

Your media assets are scattered across systems

Your marketing tools are not integrated with your CMS

Your current setup is holding you back

Your needs

You need a solution that's adaptable, scalable, and flexible to match your evolving needs. It's essential to have the agility to quickly adjust and enhance strategies, ensuring seamless integration with the key tools that drive your growth and agility.

Simplify Managing Multiple Sites

Centralize All Your Media Assets

Streamline Your Content Process

Flexible Content Management

Open Source Freedom

Seamless Tool Integration

Make Smarter Data Decisions

Boost Content with AI


We feel you! We were exactly at the same place many times in the past. Thats why we started NodeHive. To unleash content and business agility.

  • One Backend

    One Backend

    Access your digital ecosystem from one backend.

  • Multiple Websites

    Multiple Websites

    Create as many websites as you need and manage them all from a single dashboard. Each space is a separate website with its own content, users, and settings.

  • Visual Editor

    Visual Editor

    Edit content visually and directly in the frontend. There's no need to switch between the frontend and backend—just click on the content and start editing.

  • Content Modelling

    Content Modelling

    Create custom content types for your individual needs.

  • Paul AI

    Paul AI

    Use the built-in Paul AI to analyze and provide feedback on the structure and quality of your content.

  • Dashboards


    Access your websites, analytics data, content projects directly from your personalized dashboard.

  • Content Calendar

    Content Calendar

    Plan and schedule content in a calendar and Kanban view.

Our products and services

NodeHive Headless CMS adopts an Open Core strategy, offering the software for free. For a hosted version with advanced features or enterprise support, consider our premium products and services.

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