Scale your digital platform.

One backend, multiple websites.

NodeHive headless CMS is a headless composable platform that serves as your central commerce, marketing, communication and customer engagement hub.

Trusted across many industries including Government, NGO, Cultural & Arts, Education and more.

Deliver Digital Experiences fast.

NodeHive Headless CMS provides comprehensive enterprise content management and composable solutions.

Its features include multi-site capabilities, customizable content modelling, fine grained roles and permissions management, and advanced content planning and scheduling.

  • One Backend

    One Backend

    Access your digital ecosystem from one backend.

  • Multiple Websites

    Multiple Websites

    Create as many websites as you need and manage them all from a single dashboard. Each space is a separate website with its own content, users, and settings.

  • Visual Editor

    Visual Editor

    Edit content visually and directly in the frontend. There's no need to switch between the frontend and backend—just click on the content and start editing.

  • Content Modelling

    Content Modelling

    Create custom content types for your individual needs.

  • Paul AI

    Paul AI

    Use the built-in Paul AI to analyze and provide feedback on the structure and quality of your content.

  • Dashboards


    Access your websites, analytics data, content projects directly from your personalized dashboard.

  • Content Calendar

    Content Calendar

    Plan and schedule content in a calendar and Kanban view.

Technology Stack.

Your CTO and developers will love NodeHive. NodeHive Headless CMS is built on  rock-solid backend technology and the most modern frontend solutions.

NodeHive Headless CMS offers both SaaS and enterprise versions. As an open-source platform, it also supports self-hosting.

Our Customers Get Amazing Results.

We keep hearing from our customers:

  • "Finally one login to manage all websites!"
  • "Go live with a new Microsite in record time!"
  • "Working with the Visual Editor is simple!"

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