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NodeHive headless CMS is a headless composable platform that serves as a your central commerce, marketing/communication and customer engagement hub.

It’s everything you need to run multiple websites, from one backend.

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NodeHive Headless CMS is used across many industries including Government, NGO, Cultural & Arts, Education.


Everything you need to run multiple websites, from one backend.

NodeHive Headless CMS provides comprehensive enterprise content management and composable solutions.

Its features include multi-site capabilities, customizable content modelling, fine grained roles and permissions management, and advanced content planning and scheduling.


Access your websites, analytics data, content projects directly from your personalized dashboard.


Multi-site with Spaces

Create as any spaces as you need, and manage them from a single dashboard. A spaces is a separate website with its own content, users, and settings.


Create new content is easy and fast.



AI Apps

Use one of our AI apps to create and optimize content at scale. Use NodeHive to build custom AI apps for you business.

AI Apps

Visual Editor

Edit content visually, directly in the frontend. No need to switch between the frontend and the backend. Just click on the content and start editing it.

Visual Editor

Content Modelling

Create custom content types for your individual needs.

Content Modelling

Content Calendar

Plan content in a calendar view.

Content Calendar


Your CTO and developers will love NodeHive, featuring rock-solid backend technology and the most modern frontend solutions.

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We keep hearing from our customers:

  • "Finally one login to manage all websites!"
  • "Go live with a new Microsite in record time!"
  • "Working with the Visual Editor is amazing!"