Blog | April 2024

New in NodeHive: NextJS starter kit, nodehive-js SDK, improved dashboard and more

We’ve introduced a range of new features, including TypeScript support in our nodehive-js library, an efficient NextJS starter kit, and significant enhancements to dashboards and user management. Learn about these updates and more, aimed at refining your development process.

Brand new functionality

  • New NextJS starterkit [Github]
  • New NodeHive Starter to setup the backend in less than 5 minutes [Github]
  • New nodehive-js library with TypeScript support - [NPM]
  • New documentation page

Dashboard improvements

  • Ability to create multiple dashboards
  • Improved dashboard configurator
  • Block Widget
  • Views Widget
  • Ability to enable/disable a dashboard
  • Ability to define specific roles which can see a given dashboard
  • Ability to select Webform Widget (All or one or many)
  • Ability to select Content Type in Create content widget
  • Spaces Cards

Visual Editor improvements

  • Improved Visual Editor features


Media Management improvements

  • Focal Point Support
  • Media Edit

Multilingual Features

  • Improved Translation Creation

User Management

  • Improved User Administration Workflow

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