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The best way to get started is, to contact Lukas from NodeHive. Lukas will answer your questions, give a demo and guide through the pricing structure. Lukas ist the Founder and Steward of NodeHive.


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Why we build NodeHive?

At NETNODE, we've developed hundreds of websites over the past twenty years, consistently relying on Drupal for its flexibility across a spectrum of projects, from modest to expansive digital solutions.

In 2022, we broadened our technological repertoire with React and Next.js to meet the growing demand for more dynamic and interactive web experiences.

Despite evaluating various contenders in the headless CMS landscape, we identified Drupal's unparalleled capacity not merely as a traditional CMS but as a versatile platform for engineering comprehensive digital experiences.

This distinction is underscored by several of Drupal's standout features: its Webform module facilitates the creation of adaptable forms; its advanced roles and permissions system ensures granular access control; and its robust API capabilities are inherent to Drupal core.

These attributes uniquely position Drupal in the headless CMS domain, offering capabilities that other platforms do not. 

Driven by a vision to lead in the headless market, we established NodeHive as the premier open-source headless solution built atop Drupal, making it universally available at no cost.

Alongside, we provide specialized support to enterprise clients, empowering them to exploit Drupal's headless potential to amplify their digital footprint.

The team behind NodeHive

This is the team of NETNODE AG, the makers of NodeHive Headless CMS.

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