NodeHive – Headless CMS


NodeHive: A unified, eco-conscious CMS offering multisite management, flexible content modeling, centralized media, strategic planning tools, global language support, intuitive editing, automation, personalized user experiences, and comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

Spaces/Multiple Frontends

One Backend, Multiple Frontends: Seamlessly manage multiple websites from a unified backend. Each content space operates like an independent frontend or website section, allowing for effortless content sharing between spaces. Ideal for expansive organizations aiming for rapid site deployments.

Flexible Content Modelling

Tailored Content Structures: Benefit from adaptable content modeling using Content Types, Paragraphs, Taxonomies, Menus, and Configurations. Shape your content to fit your unique needs.

Media Management

Centralized Digital Assets: Store and manage images, videos, documents, and more with ease. A unified media manager ensures your assets are always at your fingertips.

Multilingual Support

Speak Globally: Cater to a diverse audience with comprehensive language support, ensuring your message resonates worldwide.

Content Planning & Content Workflows

Strategic Content Scheduling: Visualize and strategize your content rollout with an integrated calendar and kanban board. Stay ahead of your content game.

Visual Editor

Effortless Editing: Dive into a user-friendly visual editor for quick and intuitive content updates.


APIs you want: NodeHive comes with many API options.

  • GraphQL
  • Rest API

You decide what fits your use case.

Enterprise only

Rules Engine

Automated Actions: Set triggers for emails and webhooks based on a plethora of events. Streamline processes and enhance user interactions.

Enterprise only

End User Login Capability

Personalized User Experiences: Offer your website visitors a personalized journey with secure login capabilities.

Enterprise only

Commerce Tools

Complete E-commerce Suite: From customer profiles to checkout processes, NodeHive equips you with all the tools to run a successful online store.

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