Blog | May 2024

The vision behind NodeHive Headless CMS

This post aims to give context where the origins of NodeHive Headless CMS are and why we started in the first place.

Our vision

Empowering digital innovation through NodeHive, the open-source platform to build, manage, and optimize your digital presence.

NodeHive Headless CMS is a product built by NETNODE AG.

At NETNODE, we've built hundreds of websites over the past twenty years, consistently using Drupal for its flexibility in projects ranging from small to big digital solutions.

In 2022, we expanded our technological capabilities by incorporating React and Next.js to meet the increasing demand for dynamic and interactive web experiences.

After evaluating various headless CMS options which all come with its own benefits and limitations, we found Drupal to be unmatched. Beyond being a traditional CMS, Drupal serves as a versatile platform for comprehensive digital experiences.

Drupal's strengths are highlighted by several key features: an advanced roles and permissions system for granular access control, robust API capabilities, and the ever-expanding potential of contributed modules. Its integration capabilities extend to any imaginable third-party tool, whether it's CRM, commerce, or ERP software. Additionally, Drupal's robustness is supported by its long history and impressive security track record.

Compared with other headless only solutions, starting with Drupal as a headless CMS is not easy. Drupal extended with the right modules and of focus to act as headless platform, it becomes a very attractive solution to build on top. That's why we started NodeHive. 

Our mission

NodeHive is the best solution, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one package for headless development with Drupal.

We decided to invest significantly in building additional modules on top of Drupal core. This effort aims to make Drupal an exceptional solution not only for headless projects but also as the digital platform, capable of serving many websites and apps from one platform.

Our overarching vision

Empowering digital innovation through NodeHive, the open-source platform to build, manage, and optimize your digital presence.

Our vision (for clients/organisations)

NodeHive is the platform where your digital experiences are built, managed and optimised. Its the central hub to push digital initiatives forward.

Our vision (for Drupal)

NodeHive Headless CMS is the go-to solution for building decoupled frontends on top of Drupal.

Our vision (for Frontend Developers)

NodeHive Headless CMS is the #1 headless CMS for frontend developers.

Our vision (for agencies)

Use NodeHive Headless CMS to build digital platforms the modern way.

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